Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The 5th & 6th grade choir members just auditioned for their spring musical, Cinderella. The students did a fantastic job singing and acting and the castlist is posted outside the music room. We will have 2 casts and 2 separate performances. This week, students will be bringing home an important letter about details regarding the show. Please take a look down below for rehearsal and performance information.

All rehearsals are within the school day EXPECT final dress rehearsals.

All dress rehearsals will be from 3-4:30pm in the gym. Please make arrangements for an on-time pickup.

Monday, March 4th - 5th & 6th Grades (No costumes)

Tuesday, March 5th - 5th Grade ONLY (Costumes)

Wednesday, March 6th - 6th Grade ONLY (Costumes)


Thursday, March 7th - 5th Grade Performance - WES Gym
1:45pm - In-school performance (only for WES students and teachers)
7pm - Evening performance (Family and friends)

Friday, March 8th - 6th Grade Performance - WES Gym
1:45pm - In-school performance (only for WES students and teachers)
7pm - Evening performance (Family and friends)

I will be sending out specific costume requests in a month or so. Please take advantage of Halloween stores and their after-Halloween sales!

Friday, August 24, 2012


It's great to be back after a long maternity leave and wonderful summer! I would like to welcome all the new students and families to WES. We have a great year planned with awesome music-making.

To start the year, all grades will participate in the WES Olympics. In all related arts classes, the students will be competing in events, creating flags, researching about all things Olympic. Specifically in music, we will  participate in music-themed events, compare and contrast different National Anthems, and talk about the role music played in the opening and closing ceremonies.

For 5th and 6th grade students, choir begins in a couple weeks. I will be posting specific information about our annual spring musical including performance dates and auditions.

Please email me with any questions or concerns. Here's to a great school year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome back from our winter break! We have some wonderful music to explore in the next few months before I go on maternity leave.

The students will have a chance to meet my maternity leave substitute teacher sometime in February. She is very excited to work with such a great community as WES.

5th & 6th graders - We will be wrapping up our jazz unit with a computer lab project.

4th graders- We will begin a recorder karate program, which will teach treble clef note names and reinforce some of our fundamentals of music theory.

3rd & 2nd graders - We will continue our composers and instrument family study.

1st & Kind. - Through exploration of movement and music, we will learn more about the building blocks of music.