Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2nd GRADE MUSICAL - A Day at 7 Oaks

The 2nd graders have just started working on their spring musical. It is a musical centered around our 7 habits and the characters from 7 Oaks. Students will be singing songs that match up to the message of a particular habit. The musical will feature singing, dancing, instruments and our terrific 2nd grade actors!

The date of the musical is scheduled for Thursday, May 8th at 7pm. We will perform for the entire school during that day and perform that evening for family and friends. Please mark your calendars now!


The musical is just around the corner! It's hard to believe we are just over a month away. We have had snow days and delays to deal with but the kids are doing a fantastic job catching up! Below is a reminder of the dress rehearsals and performance dates and times. PLEASE mark your calendars. The dress rehearsal dates are especially important. It is the only time we have in the gym with costumes, lights, and the sound system.

MONDAY, March 24th (3-4:30pm)
TUESDAY, March 25th (3-4:30pm)

PERFORMANCES  (in the WES gym)
WEDNESDAY, March 26th  (1:30pm School Performance - 7pm Evening performance)
   Students should report to the music room by 6:45pm.
THURSDAY, March 27th  (Leadership Day performance - Time TBA)

All students are to wear an all black foundation costume. Girls - please wear flats, no heels. Please avoid navy or gray. Please no tennis shoes.

Questions? Just drop me an email!